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Conversation Between homestarunner93 and dhopisthename

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  1. k no problem was just curious. I made a file in the past and know its a massive pain.
  2. A little behind because work sent me out of town for two days on short notice so I haven't been able to work on it. I can still get it done this week though.
  3. how is the file coming?
  4. It can be done in like a week.
  5. hey how soon will the file be done? not in a hurry, but like your post said if you are close I want to start recruiting people, but if its two weeks away that will kill activity.
  6. ok sounds good
  7. well we can look at it after you finish the file, but the idea was to have the elite teams with enough to sign someone small, and the lower teams be able to sign lebron/durant. what I don't want is there be to 5 teams with enough cap space to sign him. also don't want bad maxes signed last year to hinder teams, but like I said its very possible I overestimate things, and I can make a judgement after the file is done.
  8. Well, if we set it before FA, the cap last year was $70M. I think $85M or $90M is going to be too high, unless you want like everyone to have max contract room.
  9. how would a 70 mill cap work with the current cap being 94 mill. I think 85 or 90 with a hard cap of 120-125 mill would work better. maybe after the file is done we can look it over, but I don't think many teams would even have cap space.
  10. My thought is this: Start it after the draft this year but before FA. We'll make the FAs UFAs. No bird years for those guys. Should help us spread out the talent. Put the RFAs on team rosters for 1 year at their qualfying offer. $70M soft cap/$100M hard cap. Contract 76ers and toss them in the next draft.
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