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Conversation Between homestarunner93 and dhopisthename

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  1. If you're doing FA, please do my gripes beforehand.
  2. ok
  3. Actually, forget it. I'll just change it to Wilson Chandler instead. He didn't play and his still D-League eligible, I can do Dragic next year and it will just avoid the controversy.
  4. Hey, I accidentally posted my Sim 1 DC in the Pre-season DC thread last night. Dragic played 4 games at less than 5 minutes per game. Is that going to screw up his D-League? If so, no worries, but I'm not going to spend the $5M.
  5. np
  6. Michael Redd, sorry
  7. who gets the ball handling camp?
  8. May as well pick for Houston
  9. you are about to be up again
  10. Heat are up if you have a list from them.
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