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Conversation Between homestarunner93 and Norm

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  1. Take Fiedorowicz for me
  2. on deck and TO has 30 minutes
  3. Otc
  4. All in GRRM's effed up head.
  5. The second he said hold the door once or twice it hit me. I'm like oh ****....that's why the **** he does that.

    Idk how people think **** like that up...holy crap.
  6. Wasn't that horrible and a crazy mind**** all at once?
  7. Just got to Hodor dying.

    **** this show haha
  8. *******s
  9. I'm doing the job Indians should be doing but none of them will work here.

    It's lame.
  10. I'm at my summer job. They just pay me too much to do not **** for work lol.
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