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Conversation Between homestarunner93 and Norm

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  1. Well, with an auction-style we could control all of that anyways. But yeah, I think the salary cap needs to be tight if we aren't going to have 32 teams. Too much talent on each team.
  2. We need to shake up the redraft somehow. Tighter salary cap maybe? Idk
  3. Once the mock voting wraps up I'll see what we can pull together.
  4. All good ideas. I agree
  5. I think we should do the regular one before the ATR this year unless people just don't want to upset the timeline. Kind of silly when our regular game runs into the regular season. I want to do it auction-style this year if we can get enough people on board w/ that. People are bored of the traditional redraft.
  6. We down for all time then?

    I'll help run it again
  7. It was too easy.. I didn't do ****. I'm going to lose to new England though
  8. LOL yuz

    being a beast, that's how. maybe next year if we can get enough people to do this again I'll take a good team.
  9. When I win this I'm dedicated my victory to the Jags. Lol I still don't know how you did that
  10. The sad thing is if I had to choose between Oher and Martin or Bell and Chandler, I'm taking Oher/Martin 100 times out of 100. At least they were highly regarded at some point in time.
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