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Conversation Between homestarunner93 and Norm

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  1. I Posted his 18 act and it shut them up but then I remembered that was probably impressive to them
  2. Like Stanford football is going to let school admissions turn down a blue chip prospect like Winston. lol
  3. A man so smart he got into Stanford. With an 18 ACT.

    People with down syndrome can get an 18 ACT. BUT HES SO SMARRRRRTTTTTTTTTTTT
  4. Jameis "Professor X" Winston

    Throws INTs so he can get in the opponents' heads from the sideline;.
  5. I ripped him to shreds over and over and he just kept coming back with more non sense.

    It's so obvious when someone becomes a "fan" of a guy and they just can't make sense anymore when confronted with actual negatives.

    He said one reason to throw INTs is to prove you can come back from them. lol

    He's so mentally tough that making mistakes doesn't matter. I asked if he's so mentally tough that after he has a turnover can hestop the other team from scoring from the sideline.
  6. hahaha that is awesome
  7. No, let me look
  8. DId you see my sig quote?
  9. lol
  10. Yeah this guy is getting ignore listed soon
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