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Conversation Between homestarunner93 and Norm

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  1. You are up
  2. There was good teams... These guys just don't have a clue how to vote. Jets team was the best and he was an 8 seed.

    The finals are both mods lol. Nobody wanted to step on toes.

    I still don't get what happened... Nobody wants to explain it either. Too many nba people I think
  3. Can you believe the terrible teams in the NFL Redraft final? Wish I had been around. I would have crushed that thing.
  4. okay we'll try to get it set up soon
  5. Idk why not
  6. That's a bummer. Should we try to do an all-time Redraft?
  7. It's worse than its ever been. My team wasn't going to win. But one clown voted me last BC I had bortles and a raiders fan lol. Feelers hurt I guess.

    It's always been imperfect but I used to at least understand how they voted. I don't anymore
  8. hahaha yeah well PSD has not always been great on the whole groupthink thing. Whether it's PFF or a bunch of people worshiping one guy like Sean.
  9. I've tried so hard to ween them off PFF by ripping it constantly but it still rules the world. If there wasn't that and top lists I'd love to see some of the selections. But now there's top 100 lists of every single position.
  10. I can't tell. It's all so random that I can't make heads or tails of it.

    I don't think they know enough about the guys on other teams so it becomes the few names they know? But even then, it wasn't like the teams with the "biggest" names got super highly ranked. It literally seemed random.

    It's getting to the point where I don't know how much any of them know, everything is just





    "Google search: name of first guy left PRO FOOTBALL FOCUS."

    Hmmmmm, PFF says he's good and so does Matt Miller or some asshat like that.

    Draft him.

    I feel like half the guys on a lot of teams they didn't know a single thing about before the game and it just bothers me. It's like that ****** in every fantasy league that beats everyone but he drafted "Rex Rothlisberg" or some **** bc he doesn't know anyone in the NFL but his own team
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