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Conversation Between homestarunner93 and Norm

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  1. That is definitely the case for me. I wouldn't waste my time in the NFL forum otherwise.
  2. It's amazing how I get stuck posting here when the other place I'm at is 450893843 times better. Sometimes I think the idiots are too entertaining for me to avoid.
  3. There are so many annoying NFL fanbases on PSD it's seriously so awful
  4. Literally the post was "he made up stats again LOLOLOL"

    And he took out 3 games during which Cutler got hurt and didn't tell anyone and said "these are his season stats" and I had no idea what was going on. Then later he said one QB was Luck and one was Cutler but he was missing like half Luck's games. lol

    I don't know how i feel for that. But yeah, I got the word when I got back that the mods were sure bc I used to like Jay that I was just frustrated about Rodgers getting hurt by them and I was taking it out on them.

    ANd I hardly gave a ****. And we still won the division. What now bears fans.
  5. That's ****ing ridiculous.
  6. hahahahaha.

    I finally put them all on ignore. I know all about their plot a few months ago. THey thought I was only turning on Cutler because the Bears hurt Rodgers, really it was because I was like omfg McCown beat GB and Cutler could never do that and McCown is way out producing that guy and he's a bum. ANd I flipped on it and realized Cutler is mostly a big strong armed myth.

    They all got together and started reporting me for trolling over and over and over and finally the mods had enough and just did it. All for saying "he made up stats LOL" Such ********. Now they're back at it.
  7. Top 5 overall? In what world? A one where Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Philip Rivers, and Andrew Luck are all on a plane that gets shot down by Ukrainians?
  8. hahahaha yes on the redraft. That's so pimp.

    He's a league average guy. But they were saying the other day he could move to the 5th slot. I about died laughing.

    He'll be what he is until he retires.
  9. Eh, I mean TBH Cutler is a solid starting QB. They could win a SB with him. He won't ever be better than fringe top 10, but worse QBs have won SBs lately (cough Flacco cough, possibly Wilson too for that matter).
  10. Hah yeah, but if he "doesn't care about the attention" or whatever he's claiming (I, for one, don't particularly believe him), then why would it bother him? Just do what's best for your career. **** the other noise.

    Oh, and in the NBA Sim League forum, we're doing a test Ultra Redraft. Draft 13 MLB players, 8 NBA players, and 19 NFL players (Team OLs count as one player). It's going to be pretty interesting.
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