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Conversation Between homestarunner93 and Hellcrooner

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  1. always
  2. Making Psd great again.
  3. hahaha welcome back
  4. boo!
  5. Aight
  6. waiting for an answer on a specific trade offer, if it does not go down ill probably wait and see his next tc.
  7. You still moving Bynum? What would you want?
  8. Oh I see, he's another Spaniard. No wonder you made him good. Mirotic didn't sound very Spanish to me.
  9. yeah, he is going to need to play Pf in the nba so i made him that way.
    Im counting the days until he goes to the bulls, spain needs him to grow into the 1st scoring option replacement for pau gasol if we want to keep being competitive, marc , ibaka and Ricky are nice but dont have the same quality than Pau.
  10. I figured his D was probably better or equal at PF.
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