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Conversation Between homestarunner93 and AP=MVP

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  1. you are otc
  2. You are up
  3. NFL All-Time Redraft sign-ups in NFL forum if you're interested.
  4. We're doing an Auction-Style NFL Redraft if you're interested.
  5. ok
  6. no
  7. Help if I add in Matt Slausen? or Jarius Wright rather than Amendola?
  8. No one can argue that McKinnon should start over Spiller, lol. I don't think Amendola is better than Andrew Hawkins, nor do I really think Mohammed is any better than Maualuga (Mohammed is a better 3rd down LB, but Maualuga is a much better run defender). I don't think that trade improves my team in any tangible way.
  9. Danny Amendola, Jerick McKinnon, Jorddan Mills, Mike Mohammod for Franklin

    All cheap or free and all but McKinnon would start. And one could argue Jerick should start.
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