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Conversation Between homestarunner93 and AP=MVP

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  1. Delete your PMs, I like the deal, but is there any chance I can get Trevathan in it too. Mayb instead of 2nd, I can add something else too
  2. Maybe so, but young impact LBs that cost a pittance aren't terribly numerous. I'll try to think of something. I'll look around today and let you know tonight or tomorrow.
  3. Yeah, decent pass rushing is just tough to come by and I don't want to be left out with a shortage of Des. I feel better about being able to find LBs
  4. I'll think about it. Don't really think the difference in Trevathan and Robison merits a second round pick (particularly considering Trevathan is much cheaper).
  5. Trevathan and 2nd for Robison?
  6. Nah
  7. Are you interested in Trevathan for Robison now or not?
  8. No interest in my PM?
  9. Nothing. Not really interested in something like that.
  10. What would you add to Dez for AP?
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