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Conversation Between homestarunner93 and Robbw241

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  1. I'll sell him or something, but I'm not gunna dump him. I like him.
  2. If u wanna get rid of Barbosa to tank holla at me.
  3. Ok, couldn't remember which way it worked.
  4. it goes to x4 and is quadruple every year after tha.
  5. It doesn't quadruple though, right? Stays at x3? Or is it x4?
  6. yah I'd be a 4 timer. Plan is to get under every 3 years and then repeat.
  7. Alright, didn't know whether your lux situation was bad or not.
  8. nah i need to stay under the lux for this year.
  9. I'll waive you Nash for free since you need some gardzzz
  10. What would you give me
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