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Conversation Between homestarunner93 and Robbw241

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  1. We stinxxxx
  2. Ugh. That Allbarn game still burns me up. We should have beaten them, and we would have if thug-*** Nick Fairley hadn't hurt Kyle Parker. **** Auburn, **** Nick Fairley, and **** College Cam Newton.

    Oh, and speaking of about NC State on Tuesday night?
  3. Gah. I love Jrue and he would fit well next to Westy at SG, but I don't know what the **** I'd do with my post game.
  4. Jrue counts yes
  5. Does Jrue count? Also, not sure what I can do because my C depth is pretty bad, and you don't even have a rosterable one.

  6. Olynk for one of my good players since I'm rebuilding
  7. Eh, I don't have a lot of incentive to make a move like that at this point. Jrue is interesting to me, but obviously I've got a thin roster right now with only 5 players, and it doesn't make sense to trade a guy I may need to start at PF or SF for Jrue when I've got Westy and Stuckey that I can happily start in the backcourt.
  8. I like Green. Also oly, kd, westy but I'm just going to assume they aren't available
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