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Conversation Between homestarunner93 and iam brett favre

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  1. Leon Gray was already taken.
  2. Kunz was already taken.
  3. Otc
  4. Canton Bulldogs are taken.
  5. Need you to sign in for the ATR and pick a team name.
  6. What about him?
  7. Dalton
  8. I'm not adding anything else significant.
  9. Well before I commit, i need to know what else you'd add. And talk to my co

    Im starting to like it less when i look at the potential of Moore to Calvin and Gordon. Idk i just dont think Austin is good enough to carry a WR corps
  10. Can we either figure out if we're going to do this or not? I'm not going to bother asking Pacman if he'll agree to it unless you're willing to guarantee him a starting spot on the outside. He's not going to accept the deal otherwise. He's a better deal for free (making $1 million guaranteed that I would pay regardless) on the outside than Chris Houston is at whatever insane price you would be paying right now. There are tons of veterans you could sign for like $1 million or less to fill your NB role.
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