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Conversation Between homestarunner93 and BullsFan_1

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  1. Probably not, because I would have taken him in the 6th for sure.
  2. Receiver wasn't even a need, but the talent was too good to pass up. I didn't think he'd last much longer had I not pulled the trigger.
  3. Loved the Marquess Wilson pick, by the way. One of my favorite day 3 guys in this draft. Definitely has 1st round ability.
  4. Redskins are back up, picky picky.
  5. Randy Shannon to Clemson looking like a possibility!
  6. You'll be up soon.
  7. You're up.
  8. You're up.
  9. Steele would probably be easier to can after one year once they get rid of Dooley anyway. I wonder if Dabo can find some defensive genius from the HS ranks to come be our defensive coordinator that we can pay $1 million+ per year.
  10. Well, I guess he'd be less of a threat to take Dooley's job. lol
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