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Conversation Between homestarunner93 and nygiants242

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  1. I wanted Otto Graham, so no.
  2. Still want to deal?
  3. Panthers would like to trade up.
  4. Well, damn, offer me something then. I don't see why you're going batshit crazy over nothing. If you hadn't posted it in the lounge, it wouldn't have been a problem, so the only person you can blame for this growing is yourself. Its ok to just decline an offer if you don't like it.
  5. What made you think I was looking to rape you? I never even offered you a deal yet, because you wanted to anally rape me first.
  6. YOU asked to trade with ME. I will never be beaten in a deal, if you're looking to rape someone in a trade, don't both asking me.
  7. You are an absolute joke.
  8. Did you really think I would give you Miller for a couple of pick upgrades?
  9. Price on Heath?
  10. Uhh, ok? Trade What?
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