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Conversation Between fins08 and yboord028

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  1. yet another scrub ex-fin kills us on NE
  2. I was laughing my *** off when I realized it was Ninko*****, I was wondering why that name was so familiar.
  3. Ninko*****. Grrr
  4. Oh mah lord.
  5. Im making you a video of JD and Fields saying hi on Saturday, dont let me forget
  6. lol
  7. nah, i got a sexy pic of fields though, i shoulda video taped it, marshall, henne, haynos, my boy sean smith, odrick, nolan carroll, and some bucs all said hi. but as soon as i saw JD, the first thing I thought of was yboord and i gotta hear his voice.
  8. OH MAH LORD! Better be pic.
  9. I got jd to ****in wave at me
  10. o no problem, glad u enjoyed it
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