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Conversation Between fins08 and Giannis94

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  1. not at all
  2. well would you be intrested in something like Sitton/Peters/Julian Peterson/? for Whitowrth and Williams?
  3. i already have my safeties
  4. would you be intrested in a 3 way trade in which you get darren sharper?
  5. im sorry, its just not gonna work out
  6. jordan babineaux or nick harper
  7. Dont want him anymore. Dont need anyone on your team
  8. You wanted Barnett last time? What player from my team would it take to get it done now?
  9. Meh, not really. I like Totupu but have no need.
  10. whats the magic piece? I think we could make it a 3 way trade at some point if favre comes back. Would you be intrested in powers?
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