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Conversation Between Tai_chi_bbc and dhopisthename

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  1. so were you interested? if you are getting aim would make this 10 times easier to communicate
  2. as an assistant you basically help me do everything but I have final say (why no one likes to be an assistant) like right now are doing the draft. here is the website click season the scroll bar menu and you see draft preview go there and you see the draft. click roster and team rosters and you see all the teams we would be the wizards. we had the #1 pick and I picked gasol. unfortunately, our roster looks pretty weak because the wizards were a bad team to start with
  3. I dont
  4. do you have aim? is so hit me up on dhopisthename
  5. Ya I'd be your assistant. Not really sure what that entitles tho
  6. you still interested in the basketball sim league? if so I can make you my assistant and teach you the ropes
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