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Conversation Between Raiders#1 Scout and JNev

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  1. Yea I like the campus a lot. its not a far walk at all to any classes. freshman meal plan sucks but they have that everywhere. i play intramural bball each quarter and either football or soccer depending on which is offered. you thinking of which dorm you want to live in?
  2. That's awesome, thats pretty much what I wanna do. You enjoying the campus and your first two years? You do any intramurals or anything like that?
  3. Yea im in my 2nd year. im doin journalism to do sports broadcasting or sports writing. i got to write for the school paper this year
  4. I lived in CA for 13 years then moved to Philadelphia area and now am coming back home to CA. I'm going to major in Communications next year. You go there or something?
  5. what major? where you from?
  6. Just accepted my admission last night
  7. Hey I noticed the Cal Poly sig, do you go there or planning to?
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