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Conversation Between whitesoxfan83 and ewing

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  1. Commodities across the board... anything of hard value. It's all destined to go up over the next 4 years. Oil, Gas, Farm Land, Corn, Wheat, Sugar, even metals like Platinum and Palladium. There's ETFs in the stock market for commodities if you're an investor and over the long term they're all going to have to go up. Check out a 10 year chart on food prices, or commodities in general, it shows what happens in such an immense inflationary environment. It's only going to get worse. I stack gold and silver because I think it's the safest way to invest in a hard asset but energy and food are a great place to be as well.
  2. How would you define a hard asset other then gold and silver?
  3. Ha, thanks man. I'm very pro 2nd amendment as you can tell...
  4. Dude, just wanted to say that was one bad *** statement you made in my thread on the second amendment. I'm sure no will respond b/c there isn't much to say but "yep". Cheers
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