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Conversation Between whitesoxfan83 and homestarunner93

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  1. My issue is if we fracture ourselves like that and actually make the LP sustainable then the Democrats will win forever.

    Not saying I like either party, but I surely don't want them in power either.
  2. Maybe so. Something major will have to happen that will upset the two party system, for that to be feasible, though. The "mainstream" Republicans won't get along with the "liberty" Republicans, and vice versa. Not in the long term.
  3. Same here (Illinois) but I still think i'll write him in. I just don't want to help the LP out because I feel like their success will only encourage Ron Paul Republicans to leave. I hate the GOP as much as the next hater but I don't think going to a 3rd party is the answer. We gotta drive these *** holes out of the party within the party...
  4. I wouldn't mind trying to help the LP get to 5% so they can get match funding. My vote in SC is irrelevant anyways; Romney will win the state.
  5. Yea it really purged any Romney sentiments I had as well. I'm definitely going to write in Ron Paul. I think supporting the LP is really destructive because it encourages people to leave the GOP. I think we need to stay in the GOP if we're going to win.
  6. I'm not going to lie, it's enough for me to no longer consider voting for Romney. I was thinking about doing it, but I'll either write-in Ron Paul or vote for Gary Johnson now.
  7. The nice thing its the type of disgrace that even normal people can understand... just unreal.
  8. Can you believe they won't even name Ron Paul during the vote call at the RNC?
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