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Conversation Between whitesoxfan83 and JDIsMyGod23

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  1. We can discuss it tomorrow! Haha.
  2. I need you to come and rescue a fantasy team for me. He's got a really solid squad but the jack hole never paid any attention to it so I started to run it. You want in?
  3. Sweet. Don't lose that number. I'll be wearing my generic Sox Jersey with no name and going broke on 8$ beer.
  4. For sure! I'm excited. I'll probably be rocking the Peavy jersey, and he said he'd have Dunn so ya. I'll text you when I'm at my seats.
  5. Alright I just bought an aisle seat in the 14th row in the same section... hopefully some people don't show up by you or I and we can all sit together. My cell number is 6309020064 txt me from your phone at some point this week and i'll hit you up when i'm there. Be nice to finally meet you and BBCHWS in person...
  6. Sec 161 Row 5.
  7. i think ill buy a ticket in LF then and see what's up.
  8. He said he thinks leftfield... so that's all I got. Haha.
  9. No but I got money and the day off from work... if i buy a ticket I could buy one close.
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