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Conversation Between Havoc Wreaker and TO Rapz

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  1. I do, I edited my picks. They were Wellington Castillo and Darin Mastroianni.
  2. Do you remember who they were?
  3. No, I had 2 more picks. The board wasn't updated as it says Seattle Supersonics in the 25th round instead of Thunder Bay Thunder due to the name change. All 3 of those picks were legal.
  4. You only had 1 pick left. I put up Kozma
  5. You are up Canadian post whore
  6. 20,000 Post PAARRRTTYYYY!!! JOIN!!!
  7. Yes. We had our eyes set on him for like 12 picks and thought he'd drop. Good pick man.
  8. Bahaha was he the guy you wanted?
  9. I hate you.
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