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Conversation Between Havoc Wreaker and Fukudome

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  1. It's a different Burnett
  2. Something is wrong with that trade. AI already had Burnett
  3. Post it. I don't want to be the one that does it
  4. No, I completely agree with that standpoint. Just wanted to make sure 2/3 of us said pass it.

    And he CLEARLY wins the deal, King Felix is worth so much more.
  5. As I've said before, If someone is stupid enough to agree to should go through.

    I think AI clearly wins but I say it can go through
  6. Should we pass that deal?
  7. All you now
  8. **** you do me, you can pick
  9. I'm gonna pick as soon as this gets cleared up, then you're up.
  10. Pick
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