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Conversation Between Havoc Wreaker and ugafan

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  1. No, you can pick! tehehe
  2. You can pick
  3. You guys are up
  4. Pickity pick pick
  5. You up
  6. They're both contemporary fiction so it's not really set up like most books. Synopsis(es)(ii)(plural version w/e it is) are available but they don't really affect a book that's not about the story.

    They're phenomenal, I promise. Hilarious, well-written, everything.
    Read The Corrections first if you do decide to read.
  7. What's those books about? I love reading, but I pretty much read cop novels and history books
  8. Montero was taken btw.
  9. Haha
  10. I wanted Werth so don't worry about it. **** you btw.
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