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Conversation Between PhillyLuver and SensandRaps

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  1. talk trade?
  2. i'm still interested in reyes if you want to discuss
  3. since you were having the same issue as me regarding exporting, i wanted to let you know how to fix it (atleast how it got fixed on mine), a lot of people i talked too were assuming it was the firewall that was blocking it but it turns out it was my anti virus software (avg)+windows defender, when i temporarily disabled avg it also disabled windows defender for that time frame and it was able to export. this was all on the regular settings so no active ftp and html stuff. hope this helps you out as well
  4. i like guerro a bit, i would prefer someone better so if you have someone better available i would be more interested in them but as a backup plan i do like guerro
  5. I have SP help for you. You like Guerro, Winfield, Welker? I also have better players but they'd cost more
  6. Pettite, Maduro, Vina, Ichiro. Would you consider moving any of them?
  7. Ur up in the tko draft
  8. sure 1 sec the sens period just finished
  9. hey can you go on aim
  10. go on aim so we don't have to keep wall posting. i'm philliesfan678
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