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Conversation Between PhillyLuver and homestarunner93

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  1. Prolly not but I'll give you my thoughts on the PM.
  2. lol shoot i just sent you a long PM. i'm about to take off for dinner, but i'll be back in like an hour and a half if you'll still be here.
  3. You around?
  4. we got 19. want to discuss via chatzy?
  5. yeah that makes sense. it's gonna be a lottery so we can discuss in more detail when we're coming up
  6. I think teams like Boston and Toronto that don't have stars in the worst position in this. They are going to essentially take the fourth best player on every team away, so teams that are top-heavy talent-wise are in the best shape. Clippers would be cool though. Wolves would be fun with all the young talent.
  7. i don't mind too much but wolves/celtics/clippers/raptors could be fun as well. not sure about the knicks
  8. Sure, let's do it. If you have other teams in mind, let me know and I'll change my list.
  9. any interest in tag teaming the mock for old times sake?
  10. Should be a fun match-up
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