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Conversation Between PhillyLuver and RandyRocks77

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  1. thats a good offer.. PM me next time...
  2. Hey Randy, how would you feel about a package around,, and a future first for Upton?
  3. Would you move Simmons for anything? Dodgers here
  4. Mets are on the clock
  5. U up in ootp
  6. no way man... gotta build my team... him and Pete Smith Comp is a good start
  7. Trade me Wood!
  8. You're up in the retro league draft. Let me know if you'd move the pick.
  9. your up in the draft
  10. i'd love to, which is why i mentioned it. i've always heard that "winning over time will increase market size" but i have never, ever seen that be the case with any team i've had in ootp.
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