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Conversation Between WindyCityFlyer and La_bibbers

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  1. You can go ahead and make your pick as soon as you get back.
  2. That is great.
  3. Dude I got 29 GMs signed up already
  4. haha no problem. Looks like a make a post a year in there haha.
  5. Thanks for the post you made in the OOTP forum Pittz is gonna play too it sounds like. Only need to fill 12 spots, and we have 2 weeks before the game comes out
  6. You are up in the draft. I auto'ed KC before you and I'll let you update the thread
  7. Can you hop on AIM at some point? I wanna talk about relief pitching
  8. Thanks for moving my thread
  9. You're up in the draft
  10. give you 20th pick for Dilone
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