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Conversation Between WindyCityFlyer and La_bibbers

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  1. You are up in the draft. I auto'ed KC before you and I'll let you update the thread
  2. Can you hop on AIM at some point? I wanna talk about relief pitching
  3. Thanks for moving my thread
  4. You're up in the draft
  5. give you 20th pick for Dilone
  6. It would not. No interest in the pitcher.
  7. Also he didn't decline, I just set him from reliever to starter, he's actually boosted his stuff, and now his stuff as a reliever is up to 77
  8. Would and a 2nd be enough to get Wilton Lopez?
  9. Y'all up haha. Sorry, I couldn't wait for you to respond to my first question.

    Your choice between the Brewers, Rockies, and Padres
  10. Are there any teams you still really want? If so, I'll try and avoid them when picking.
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