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Conversation Between WindyCityFlyer and Ian.

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  1. Haha I totally forgot about it. Anyways, accepted
  2. Sent XBL invite again. I sent to the wrong gamertag before
  3. Sweet! I'll accept probably tomorrow since the Bears game is on tonight.
  4. Sent XBL friend request
  5. Oh damn. I forgot it was OOTP X. I'd still give them all your info. They probably have access to older versions.
  6. How do I let them know I purchased it? I did it so long ago haha.
  7. Hey, I saw your post about your computer taking a poop.

    You have two licenses you can use for each copy of OOTP. Just email them and request it and they'll give it to you. I actually did just this today. They'll even cancel one on the computer that died so you keep two intact.
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