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Conversation Between WindyCityFlyer and Cub_StuckinSTL

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  1. Macfitz won't slip up w a simple ip search as we've seen w his other dupes
  2. I have done sooo much IP searching and nothing comes up as him. He did get an infraction though for that. It is only a matter of time.
  3. How can you not ban him yet? Its obvious who it is
  4. Leaning towards the
  5. Yeah intelligent vs meatheads
  6. Haha, ok. I will post some more in there. There is a pretty "diverse" crowd in there.
  7. You can tell we need more smart people in there. Come the **** on before I have to bombard your *** on twitter
  8. Hey I stop in every once in a while That is one of those forums I mainly read instead of post in.
  9. nice to see that you remember we have a bears forum
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