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Conversation Between SFGIANTSFAN32 and Jay16

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  1. First off you arent good!! You are living in the past when you rub it in about rings. Do we bring up the 49ers 5 rings including '84 when they smacked Marino like a little bi###?? When you talk fan base, do you have one? I was there in '04 and it was a little empty and tv shows a lot of empty seats still. Most Marlin fans are cool, but you my friend are an idiot


    We aren't good? Yet you have to bring up another sport when you want to brag ? What does that say about you? If we have a fan base or not, does not matter to me cause I am a fan. What am I supposed to do , apologize because my neighbors aren't Marlin fans? Good arguement there genius. And about me being an idiot ? Anyone can beat thier chest over the internet. When you reduce yourself to insults it usually means your viewpoint needs a little help.

    (SF fans talking smack , what is the world coming to?)
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