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Conversation Between WSU Tony and Kjartan

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  1. Sorry for taking up space on your page. Disregard my earlier message as I found the site rules and my questions were answered. Thanks again,
  2. Hey Tony, this is Kjartan from the Vikings forum. I've made up a sig for my posts and have the HTML necessary to implement it. Unfortunately, I can not find where to add it in my profile. If you can, could you give me some insight?

    Also, are you a mod, because I have a question pertaining to another picture I added some text too. Even so, I want to ensure that I'm not violating the terms of service by displaying such. Basically, it's a picture of John Kitna sitting on the facemask of a Packers player after he got sacked; the caption reads, "EAT IT". Thoughts?

    Thanks for your time. I'm sorry you didn't get to see a better game last week. We'll see about this game against the Giants.

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