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Conversation Between STL Don and Rivera

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  1. hey man just reminding you to check in the wrestling redraft. i need all participants to check in before the lottery on thursday
  2. Thank you man Im excited to get started and also look forward to seeing you around in the wrestling forum.
  3. Welcome bro i look forward to seeing you post more. The commishes were just concerned about you uaving your own team just because were not familiar with you or don't see you around...good news is signups have slowed down alot and others are pairing up. If we hit our ideal number with number of participants we could allow you to stay solo if more posters sign up in the next coming days we may have to ask you with co wit someone if the lists grows. I will do my best to allow you to go solo and let you prove yourself but that is not a guarantee and I just want to give you a heads up that you might have to have a co. With that said I'll keep an eye out for you and I hope you stay active and good luck when the redraft starts
  4. Yeah well I am pretty new here and since joining I've actually viewed the Wrestling forum quite a bit. Gradually, I'm starting to post more often in there and you can also find me in some of the other forums around.
    If I do not have a choice Ill be okay with a GM. I'd just much rather prefer GMing on my own for a few reasons. I'm certainly active and like the idea of a wrestlers redraft.
  5. hey wrestling redraft co commish here....ive talked with a few commishes would you mind having a co? the reason i am asking you is we dont see you around the wrestling forum much...if not than that is fine as rather see if you can find your own co because we dont want to force co's unless we have to and sign ups continue to grow like they have been so far....thoughts?
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