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Conversation Between Danman1116 and Shaiza

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  1. Not exactly. Feel free to IM me whenever you see me and I'll explain in detail
  2. Hey Andy, Yea I think I might be interested. So is it basically just kinda like a fantasy team thing that each member's doing?
  3. Hey Danny, you interested in participating in the expansion thing?
  4. Of course man. Lemme know what you want. Won't be done today tho, at work. :-/
  5. you think you can make a sig for me?
  6. Not a problem man...I'll work on it today and try to have it to you today as well!
  7. Danny, are you interested in doing the pre-game hype write up for the Winter Classic GT? It would be appreciated if you can do it and get it to me by the 29th.
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