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Conversation Between bcransom and randomness

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  1. got cap space to trade? for around.. 3m and a replacment backup 1B, i can give you overbay and for just 2-3m, i can give you 1 or 2 top 10 prospects. interested?
  2. okay. was just wondering if i could get him. probably not though
  3. Hill and a hell of a lot more.
  4. probably you want hill/lind with prospects and bench players? am i not correct?
  5. We want ALOT.
  6. anyway the jays can get carpenter?
  7. i don't think i have the right pieces for him. i'll let you know later on if i get any new players
  8. Then make an offer.
  9. no thanks then
  10. You'd have to give us a lot... starting with Aaron Hill.
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