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Conversation Between bcransom and FC_4_life

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  1. Whatever, as I said I'll listen to any counters you have.
  2. What do you mean? Last year is the best thing to judge a player off of. We're not gonna say Barry Bonds is better than Albert Pujols right because he hit 73 home runs in 2001. Weaver is just beginning to become established in the league, and frankly we both know he's gonna be a stud. Since he had a better year than Oswalt, I value him higher.

    Now, if Carpenter is in the deal, I'd be more willing to negotiate.

  3. If you're going to look at one year in tunnel vision and compare the two I feel sorry for you.

    I'll listen to any counters but if you're looking at stuff in that primitive of a way I doubt we get anything done.
  4. No thanks. Weaver is a better pitcher than Oswalt. Just compare their stats, it's not really close. And then Phillips is a top 5 2B, whereas Dewitt flat out sucks.
  5. Oswalt and DeWitt for Phillips and Weaver. You get the bonified ace you need at the top of that rotation, and you get a great young 3B/2B.
  6. Make an offer. You know who I like.
  7. Dodgers want Phillips.
  8. Well I like Morales, Gary Matthews Jr, and Ervin Santana for Gonzalez, Ethier, and Broxton? Feel free to counter.
  9. idk im not in the mood to think about an offer, but ill listen to anything you come up with.
  10. All are available. What do you propose?
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