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Conversation Between bcransom and homestarunner93

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  1. We signed Smoltz too, might want to add him.
  2. Hey, should we pick up Garland's op? It'd be 12M. I'm iffy, but we do have a very shallow rotation.
  3. very cool.
  4. Sure, lets do it.
  5. Co in MLB Mock?
  6. Hah, I know exactly who it is, that's who I thought would be a nice pick for your line.
  7. You're going to like my RE when I take him.

    Clemson guy.
  8. Fair enough, he wasn't a necessity for my team.
  9. Yeah I'm gonna pass. Not a bad offer, but I'm not going to move him unless I love the deal.
  10. Well, that was ******** first off. I've got to have three picks, so I'll make it 18, 20, 21, 1.1 million for Whitner, 22, 25. You're getting 5 million, and basically that's all I can spare or I'm going to bust. So, there's my offer, take it or leave it.
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