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Conversation Between bcransom and homestarunner93

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  1. We signed Smoltz too, might want to add him.
  2. Hey, should we pick up Garland's op? It'd be 12M. I'm iffy, but we do have a very shallow rotation.
  3. very cool.
  4. Sure, lets do it.
  5. Co in MLB Mock?
  6. Hah, I know exactly who it is, that's who I thought would be a nice pick for your line.
  7. You're going to like my RE when I take him.

    Clemson guy.
  8. Fair enough, he wasn't a necessity for my team.
  9. Yeah I'm gonna pass. Not a bad offer, but I'm not going to move him unless I love the deal.
  10. Well, that was retarded first off. I've got to have three picks, so I'll make it 18, 20, 21, 1.1 million for Whitner, 22, 25. You're getting 5 million, and basically that's all I can spare or I'm going to bust. So, there's my offer, take it or leave it.
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