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Conversation Between bcransom and Knuckles

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  1. Only meant it as a framework, what are your needs? I have some good young oufielders, Jones, Venable, Headley
  2. We better be getting more back. What would your offer be.
  3. wut about a deal around Lowell for Pierre?
  4. We could give you Teahen in a Lowell deal maybe. You need to eat a TON of that contract though.
  5. Make it 2M and you have a deal...
  6. 1.5m
  7. Then make me an offer...don't make me guess.
  8. I don't have that much available!
  9. And giving you a momumentally better player. Add me 4M?
  10. How much? You're already saving like $5m!
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