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Conversation Between bwallstreet and RedandGold_35

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  1. you're OTC
  2. you're up
  3. norm thinks he has a list for jacksonville so you'll be up again quite soon
  4. your up
  5. I'll be on
  6. hey just so you know baltimore gets skipped at 8:39, if your not going to be on please send a list to someone
  7. Smith won't see that 2nd million. So 7.5 is expected to be saved. We have one of the best in the business in our contract negotiator. We won't over pay for him, but we have a way of getting guys back under good deals that are usually easily escapable after a year or two.
  8. Out of Smith's 8.5, 1 is guaranteed and he's owed another 1 million bonus if on the roster on the 3rd day of the league year.

    You make it sound a lot easier than it will be is all I'm saying. A team as stacked on D as yours has no need to franchise him for 9 million or put themselves in a hole just for one guy.

    I have a strong feeling he hits FA.
  9. By cutting Alex Smith (which is pretty much a foregone conclusion), we'll be saving adding about 8-9 million in cap space. There are another handful of players we expect to cut or could possibly cut. Manningham has been very solid for us, but tearing two knee ligaments will probably really hurt him next year, so we may just cut losses with him for room. Johnathan Goodwin has been solid at Center, but nothing spectacular, we have a few mid round draft picks who have been developing on roster that could fill in so that's potentially more room. Once next year's season starts we could also cut Akers and Parys Haralson. We won't have tons of room, but enough to bring back Goldson and draft picks (we expect to trade up since we have 14 picks and obviously no room for many of them) and maybe one reasonable FA.
  10. JW, why are Niners fans so confident about Goldson with their current salary cap situation for next year.
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