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Conversation Between bwallstreet and homestarunner93

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  1. Panthers are on deck
  2. Now Clemson crushes Syracuse. Didn't you say they would shut us down in the ACC like they did to WVU?
  3. What happened man...I thought Josh Freeman was the answer?
  4. I guess because he's kind of slow. I'm not really sure. I wouldn't mind him at our fifth rounder if he's still there. Of course, I'm hoping and praying for Tony Jefferson at that spot, because I love that guy. He's going to be an effective DB for some team, I believe.
  5. I cant figure out how Quinton Patton is still available
  6. No joke...and BB is supposed to be a mastermind too. They took two WRs this year, poor Dobson and Boyce are both guaranteed to suck now.
  7. it seems its always a db and they never work out...they have to stop be furious wasting 2nd and 3rd rounders consistently
  8. The Patriots do that every year, draft some guy early that has like an undraftable grade.
  9. Im still laughing about Patriots taking that Rutgers safety yesterday
  10. I don't get it. I really knew nothing about him other than hearing his name while watching the Combine. He does have potential tackle measurables, so maybe he's just an under-the-radar guy. I feel like we could have gotten him a round or two later though if we really coveted him. Maybe not, tough to say on these small school guys that the draftnik community doesn't really have a pulse on.
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