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Conversation Between bwallstreet and TDjacksonville

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  1. Otc
  2. Titans OTC Jags On Deck
  3. youre on deck
  4. On deck in mock
  5. youre up
  6. On deck in mock.
  7. Wanna hear a good joke?
  8. andrew luck was clearly better than him as a passer. would be smart for him to get himself as a more finished project right now then to declare early.
  9. none of them won the heisman either
  10. walter doesnt know crap about the jags. i personally dont see Manziel declaring cuz i cant think of any recent QBs declare after there RS Sophmore year.

    Henne is a good qb for us. with him our offense is good especially with a healthy MJD. i cant take anything he says seriously when he mocks us a tweener of a player in jarvis jones who doesnt fit the defense bradleys bringing over.
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