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Conversation Between bwallstreet and TDjacksonville

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  1. youre on deck
  2. On deck in mock
  3. youre up
  4. On deck in mock.
  5. Wanna hear a good joke?
  6. andrew luck was clearly better than him as a passer. would be smart for him to get himself as a more finished project right now then to declare early.
  7. none of them won the heisman either
  8. walter doesnt know crap about the jags. i personally dont see Manziel declaring cuz i cant think of any recent QBs declare after there RS Sophmore year.

    Henne is a good qb for us. with him our offense is good especially with a healthy MJD. i cant take anything he says seriously when he mocks us a tweener of a player in jarvis jones who doesnt fit the defense bradleys bringing over.
  9. of course its the walter youre thinking of....its from his 2014 draft where he has you picking 2nd and taking manziel...hes making fun of the fact that either your throwing this season to get one of those two or you actually believe henne can win...both are kinda funny
  10. if this walter who im thinking of doesnt know ****. id rather give henne/gabbert a year over taking a top qb in this class before round 3 because this qb class IMO isnt that good. next years class looks tremendously better potentially and if we are bad enough then so be it but atleast we tried with 2 guys making some good bank first then to waste a pick early this year just to end up picking in the top 5 with both manziel and Bridgewater available. hell taking Gardner next year if he shows some improvement next year in the 2nd or 3rd round would be fine.
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