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Conversation Between SenecaValley46 and SteelCurtain

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  1. I replied
  2. i messaged you back!
  3. We're 7th in line to pick now. Chatzy is updated with my top choice. Only guy left from my list about 25 picks ago
  4. We dont pick for a long time man... but alright if you can pm me that it would be great. ive cleared my inbox pretty good recently. thanks
  5. Check chatzy again when you get a chance. I have some guys mentioned to consider.
  6. Our holes aren't all that bad. This is one to discuss in chatzy tomorrow though. G'night. I have to crash.....
  7. Still happy we added Lacy and the safeties were thinning out quickly. Oh well, it's still a very good draft. But it could've been a GREAT draft.
  8. Next major decision we need to make is do we try to move with our 3.. do we trade up and get some of the guys we talked about or do we trade back with our 3 and get 2 4s?
    im not sure. what do you think? if we can get a 4,4,5 for sure. and if they pick high in the rounds then a 4,5,6 will do. we need more picks we have some holes to fill but im not opposed to moving up and getting another premier talent
  9. I literally just crawled out of bed to get on to tell you maybe we should try to trade our 2nd pick if we could get a 3,4,5 out of it then that **** happens. unreal. Oh well we did our best and got 2 studs.
  10. Check your chatzy
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