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Conversation Between dbroncs-abraves and MacFitz92

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  1. you arent getting crabtree hes significantly better than Roy Williams
  2. What would it take for it to be Roy + for McClain + Crabtree
  3. no thats not good at all
  4. BJ Raji + Roy for Crabtree + Mcclain
  5. not a chance castillo is not that good anymore
  6. Well you'd have to add more than just Mcclain obviously.

    Maybe something like Crabtree + Mcclain for Roy Williams + Luis Castillo
  7. I could be
  8. Interested in Castillo?
  9. I know you need an ILB I have McClain or Siler available looking for a DE or RB
  10. upgrade at WR, DE and ILB
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