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Conversation Between dbroncs-abraves and WildWesty

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  1. alright never mind then
  2. Yeah. Gotta understand that I really really don't want to give up Calvin though, which is why I'd basically have to murder a team in value to give him up.
  3. youd want all of them?
  4. Not necessarily the top picks, but I'd want Jason Brown, Ryan Harris, Michael Crabtree, and Terence Newman. I'd be iffy with that too. I already know that's asking too much of you as well.
  5. like who?
  6. Yeah, I don't think we're going to be able to work anything out though because I'd probably have to ask for one of your top draft picks.
  7. did you get my last pm?
  8. alright im looking at a deal right now if i cant find one im gonna make my pick
  9. You up home skillet.
  10. Terence Newman/10 (305) for Brian Dawkins/11 (347)?

    This'd give you four 11th round picks and an awesome safety to help you out considering the latest safety run has pretty much killed all the safeties available.
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