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Conversation Between dbroncs-abraves and AP=MVP

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  1. Titus Young and Britton Colquitt for Mike Thomas and Ryan Donahue

    You get a big slot upgrade and save some money for a punter swap, where if you want to you can cut Donahue and sign Dustin Colquitt who is every bit as good as Britton.
  2. I'll think about it
  3. thats what its gonna take to get him
  4. he played extremely well for us last year
  5. I can't do that man, thats too much for an unproven S
  6. a second a scheffler i cant only do stuff for picks because im not filling a hole at all you know?
  7. what if I give you a 2nd for him straight up

    You raape me in that deal but I really need a S
  8. my co doesnt like it because scheffler is a horrible blocker and we are a run dominant team plus carter is the only player that can start right now in our secondary
  9. you will know as soon as i do
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