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Conversation Between dbroncs-abraves and zambo4president

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  1. I only have about $300,000 Right now above my cap so it's real close, I dont think i can.
  2. alright sounds good
    could you cover any salary at all if so that would be amazing if not i understand haha
  3. Sounds good, snappin a bowl then sendin it over
  4. alright write it out
  5. I can do Heredia and Aardsma for Jurrgens. Aardsma is 3.2 Million, Jurrgens is 2 something and im just under the cap I barely have any space myself, you shud have enough to be under still.
  6. Heredia? and can you cover his salary?
  7. Ill do Aardsma and a solid arm spec, I have a list in my clubhouse. Who do you like?
  8. alright im down for that too what else is the + can i get a pitching spec?
  9. Definitely not, Trout's young and unproven, Trading Mccutchen for him sets me back I have no interest in doing that. Jair for Aardsma + Im down for
  10. you wouldnt do
    Jair, Trout and something else for Aardsma and McCutchen?
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