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Conversation Between Jags4Life and Norm

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  1. That trade thing is fine. I can't check now ask the lounge maybe.who it is will.say something . At work too busy to future it out
  2. also- whos the browns??

    you have cleveland browns - cleveland browns

    not quite sure lol
  3. if i select a player in the draft who i know my trade partner is gonna want to take at 3 becasuse weve discussed the trade and he said if hes there lets do it. and hes not online and i dont want to miss my time allotment is that allowed
  4. Well nobody knew him then I.didn't think he'd come out
  5. i remember when you talked about him then it was more august btw lol. but back then you liked him a lot as a 2nd or 3rd if i remmeber correctly.
  6. Search the word bortles on psd . I'm the first one to post it here. First week of September . That should explain what I think lol
  7. what do you think of bortles?
  8. sounds good lol
  9. Okay. I'll be around later and we cand o it.
  10. I'll trade you will tuafao a nice full back guaranteed salary for a draft pick lol
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