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Conversation Between Vinny642 and Machinehead

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  1. i've converted some females into accepting it tho, so maybe one day
  2. Yeah. Very dumb *****es
  3. lmao seems like heaven, its annoying when girls are shallow about foot lovers -___- dumb *****es
  4. Oh, fw parties are really fun and great for people like us. Just a bunch of hot girls letting guys kiss, lick, and massage their feet. It's awesome
  5. Na i havent i heard of them tho, i only been open with my foot fetishism for like 2 or 3 years now
  6. Me neither, have you ever been to a foot worship party?
  7. Nope i dont **** with that, girls are unloyal as hell, im not down for being cheated on, so i go the **** buddy route
  8. Do you have a girlfriend?
  9. her toe length has to fit with he body type, i like all shaped women, so if she a little chubby and got long skinny toes it might look weird
  10. Yeah, I feel the exact same. But if I had to choose I long longer toes.
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