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Conversation Between KH12 and DR_1

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  1. PM an admin, I did Sports Illustrator. They will only change it to something resembling your current name though.
  2. Hey dude how did you get your name changed? I want to give mine a similar treatment
  3. I had no idea haha. Was jus curious. How have things been, haven't been around much lately.
  4. I just turned 42. lol nah, I'm 26. Why? How old did you think I was?
  5. if I may ask, how old are you lol
  6. thanks bro! i appreciate it.
  7. happy birthday man!
  8. Could you just delete it now? I don't have time to make a new one atm.
  9. Just make a new one and I'll delete it.
  10. Can you add a poll to #4 All Time on the bulls forum? I'm an idiot and forgot lol.
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