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Conversation Between KH12 and Ragun

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  1. Just Mo Evans but he only makes 2.5 mil and that's still too much salary we'd have to eat.
  2. do you have a contract you can throw back at me?
  3. No thanks, we're trying to keep our cap space for FA.
  4. raps interested in harden. any interest in turkoglu?
  5. **** wrong person lol sorry
  6. i expect the clippers to make some significant moves. and i can offer him a max contract.
  7. Prob not, but would Bosh want to go to LAC?
  8. well i just got offered kaman, gordon for bosh. i highly doubt you can beat that.
  9. Hmm, definitely might be interested in that.
  10. want to do a sign and trade around noah for bosh?
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