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Conversation Between KH12 and Uncbball234

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  1. Why I thought we were buddy's?
  2. I'd appreciate you not posting on my wall anymore, thanks.
  3. bearsfan88 he is a friend
  4. So who's snake boy?
  5. Do you just follow me around on here godshamgod?
  6. Posted in off topic wanted to make sure you saw it.

    I just want to let everyone know that i did not create a dup account. I had a friend over for the game and told him to get on this site, and he did so from my wifi. So investigator Jpro relax big guy, i don't need another account to get my opinion across. KH12 I was unaware of the rules for that and i apologize, but it was rather childish to celebrate your first ban. But i guess if things like that make your day go for it!
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