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Conversation Between KH12 and Procision

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  1. When can we expect some more fa updates? Trying to use remaining cap space and then use vet mins be4 fa ends monday
  2. Can we get a billups update?
  3. Can we get a david west update before he signs?
  4. You don't have Josh Smith under contract. I'm not the only voice in deciding anyway, just one of 4.
  5. How in the world does dwight howard not even have houston in his final choice? Josh smith doesn't value defense?
  6. Thomas Robinson + Royce White for Jason Terry?
  7. Correct, you can waive them and has no effect on your cap.
  8. For unguaranteed contracts if i cut them they are off my cap completely correct?
  9. There will be a thread for releasing players. It will be before free agency starts don't worry. We are trying to get the amnesty period over first.
  10. How do i go about waiving those players and when do i have to do it by?
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