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Conversation Between KH12 and phlp_bj

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  1. can we get more fa updates? need to see if i should offer other people before fa ends if the guys i have offered sign elsewhere
  2. nah still the same. prefer marion over ariza and arthur for now
  3. Any movement on my offer to you from yesterday?
  4. ill keep it in mind for sure! just wanna field all possible offers before making a move
  5. Arthur has started 77 games. What about Ariza/Arthur for Marion? Gives you more options.
  6. nah only looking to move one of them for a starting caliber pf
  7. Battier + Marion for Ariza + Arthur?
  8. marion fits my team more. ill let u know about battier. he's def available, but i cant make many moves until seeing what happens with cp3+smoove/west
  9. How about Ariza for Marion?
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