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Conversation Between KH12 and aLau10

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  1. hey man any update on our deal?
  2. Starting up the mock offseason in the Bulls forum if you're interested:
  3. You can PM them to me, here is an example:
  4. Where do we post our write ups? and how exactly should we write it up?
  5. I've got Omri Casspi, Hakim Warrick, Ryan Gomes, Shawne Williams available.
  6. Sorry, James Jones is currently pending and what would you like for anthony?
  7. Hawks like Joel Anthony.
  8. Hawks have some interest in James Jones.
  9. O really, i nvr realized AHAHA XD thanks for the heads up =P
  10. I was looking at your offer for T-Mac. You don't have to offer him the min through the MLE. That just loses your MLE. You can offer the min to as many players as you want and keep your MLE.
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