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Conversation Between KH12 and kingbrentg

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  1. It started Thursday. It's a cool new format, with a stacked male cast. Cohutta is back.
  2. Oh ****, it started already? I'm going to have to get some lotion and some alone time.
  3. Theresa vs. CT in a game of strip basketball. And she actually has game.
  4. Omg. What did I miss
  5. How sexy was it seeing Theresa play basketball like that? DAAAAAAAMN.
  6. Oh yeah. Those selfies on google search.
  7. Have you seen the new diva, Paige?
  8. Yeah, same here. He's kind of boring really. It's just underdog stuff and "yes yes yes". Meh.

    How the **** did Mick father that?
  9. Yeah, I'm not the biggest DB fan either. He's a great wrestler, just his character is not edgy enough for me idk.

    BTW, Mick Foley's daughter is ****ing hot.
  10. And there it is.

    Yeah, that Orton fall looked bad. Even cut his back up. I'm not the biggest Bryan fan, but it's about time.
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