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Conversation Between KH12 and kingbrentg

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  1. Yeah, I mean I actually like Cena, but they really need to stop feeding him down our throats. He doesn't have to win the title every couple of months, he can put over young talent every once in a while. Hoping Ziggles gets a push soon.

    They should be On Demand if you have Comcast, I watched them on I had to watch the day after cuz the draft was on that day.
  2. Yeah, Smackdown is mostly just matches without much story progression anyway. I think Y2J is supposed to be on there this week though. And yeah, the mic work should be great, and I'm sure Jericho won't bury Bray like ****ing Super Cena. That feud could have been so much better than it was. Me too, man. BNB was awesome, sucks it's going to be months until he's back again. If only he could stay healthy during a big push. But at least we can still Bolieve.

    Yeah, I always liked Miz too. He'd be awesome to see on a Challenge again lol.

    Alright, I'll let you know. I'll have to check and see when the replays are.
  3. I catch a lot of Raw, hardly ever watch SD though unfortunately but I always read the full results to keep up to date. And I try to watch the PPVs if they have an interesting card. That sounds like a great storyline with Y2J and Bray, should be some excellent mic work. Pissed that BNB is out, one of my favs. Glad Miz is back though, he gets a lot of **** but I like him, I want him to go back on a Challenge lol.

    I'm glad I didn't say what I was gonna say about the finale then. Let me know when ya watch it.
  4. Yeah, I guess that makes sense then. I'm surprised I've been watching every Raw lately, and most Smackdowns. I'm pretty pumped if he sticks around a few months then. I was reading about Bray/Jericho at SummerSlam maybe. Good timing at least with BNB out. Ugh.

    Haha, yeah I heard that too. I guess not though if she's going to have a title reign again. Punk is a lucky ****er though.

    I haven't caught it yet. I saw part 1, but not part 2. I'm just hoping Bananas doesn't win.
  5. haha I know, I usually hate spoilers too but I read a lot of WWE ones probably cuz I don't watch it all the time. I think he'll stick around for a few months, probably putting Bray and another guy over.

    Yeah me either lol, I was completely shocked when AJ came out. Rumors were saying she was pregnant with Punk's baby.

    What'd ya think of the Challenge finale?
  6. Damn, you gotta stop reading those spoilers lol. I had no idea. I'm guessing he's going into a feud with Bray then? Hopefully he sticks around for a little while, but I know he has another tour coming up with Fozzy.

    ****, they're both so hot lol. I didn't realize how much smaller AJ was than Paige either.
  7. I read he was coming back so I wasn't really surprised lol but it was still awesome. I really love his podcast, some great interviews.

    AJ and Paige, god damn I want to be in that sandwich lol.
  8. I just marked out so hard. Then the Wyatts attacked him and my heart was torn in half.

    AJ is back too. What a Raw.
  9. Break the walls downnnnnnnnnnnn!
  10. jknjwnrtgkwtgnwkjnwkrjnfkjn!
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