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Conversation Between Durant is hype and tyfreaks brotha

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  1. Nawimma Kings fan lol
  2. So you're saying BUCKS should win this deal! You must be a bucks fan
  3. It'd have to be 5th + Bargs for Bogut + Jennings?? Haha take out Jennings but that would be a good trade for you guys lol
  4. Yeah I totally agree man. Bogut would change this team's defensive identity,while Bucks need more offense. Not a bad trade idea!
  5. Hmm thats a tough one cuz I don't really pay attention but I think they need to draft or trade for a legit center like Bogut then later trade Bargs and I think there a young talented team..

    Bogut not the best but talented
  6. What do you feel about this year's season for the raptors?
  7. Ask...
  8. Hey! I've got a question for you!
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